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Why is photography so important

Photography has many different reasons on why its so important. For some people its a way to connect with others. When people take photos they begin to learn new things and are able to share them with people. People can… Continue Reading →

Birds Eye View/Bugs Eye View

Vintage “Tin Type”

Tintype photography was very popular in the 1860s and 1870s. The photos are taken with shallow depth of field, uneven exposure, and low tonal range. Nowadays people see these pictures very unique and different from how they are now. Tintypes… Continue Reading →

Landscape Oil Painting

Double Exposures

Shooting like Aaron Siskind

Alternative Camera Angles

The reason why I chose this photo was because it caught my attention. The way this person had took it from a bottom angle to shoot from on top of the ceiling made it very fascinating. It captures the whole… Continue Reading →

Action and Motion

Something I had learned about taking motion blur was to slow down our shutter speed. When taking a photo having to get motion blurry is when our shutter speed it long, however when its short it’ll freeze the action. So… Continue Reading →

Depth of Field

When taking a photo the image you’re able to chose how in focus you want your picture to come out. You’re able to make your background blurry or not so blurry. Taking these image with Depth or field catches people… Continue Reading →

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